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Use Yer Crate

When you sell gift crates, the issue arises of what to do with them once the contents have been consumed. Our answer: bring them back. We put a 10.00 deposit on each one. You can either collect a peachback, or get your crate re-filled with 10.00 off.

We know this is bad news for people who burned them as kindling. We know some people have used our crates to decorate their kitchens. We know of crates that have found useful lives in workshops and garages as a way to store things. Lots of our crates have shipped to far away places. We get photos of Fair Game gift crates from Las Vegas, and Manhattan, and Florida.

We launched our first Gift Crate in October. It consisted of a bottle of our Flying Pepper vodka, some rimming salt and hot sauce from Fiddlehead Farm in Pittsboro. A quart of tomato juice from Marshal’s Farm on the other side of the lake, a jar of pickled okra from Bonlee Grown farm, and a quart of Bloody Mary Mix from Bruce Julian in Charlotte.

We called it the “Bloody Local,” and it was a hit. Flying Pepper is getting a reputation for making the best Bloody Mary in town.

As the holidays approached we released the “Mull it Over” crate. It consisted of two bottles of our Apple Tipper, a bottle of Ferris (our port style red wine), with some mulling spices and cinnamon sticks that were put together by Angelina down at Angelina’s Kitchen.

Now that Valentine’s Day is upon us, we are busy shipping our latest crate creation: “Alexander The Crate,” which includes a bottle of our Apple Brandy, lots of chocolate stuff, nutmeg from Chatham Marketplace–basically provides the foundation for the perfect Brandy Alexander. It’s all you really need if you are truly in love.

After the party is over, the crate remains. Don’t throw it away. Cash it in. Bring it back to our distillery and let us give you ten dollars for your trouble. We are still selling Bloody Locals. And Mull it Overs. Alexander the Crate will live on at least until Valentine’s Day.

Bring us your empty crate. We’ll hook you up…

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