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Private Tastings/Bespoke Spirits

When we started making whiskey, we followed the craft brewers around.  We would buy a wash from local brewers, load the still, pack a barrel with whiskey, put it on the wall and forget about it. 


When the whiskey had aged, we would crack the barrel, bottle it up and have whiskey for sale.  At that point it was sort of like "souvenir whiskey" from your favorite brewery.  They were super small batches.  77 bottles made from Full Steam.  88 bottles from Bond Brothers.  

Our Small Batch Malt Whiskey would sell quickly.  We would invite the brewers down the lane to do a "tap takeover," where they could talk about their products, and sell their wares.  We would have whiskey for sale, and then it would all be gone.  

Not anymore.  Now when we "drop a batch of whiskey" it is 100 bottles every time.  And we keep four batches on hand.  Nowadays you can always get a bottle of whiskey at Fair Game AND now you can book a private tasting! 



We are now bringing in groups of 6-10 people.  The evening generally begins with a charcuterie board of meats and cheeses and pantry items to help clear the palette between tastes. Most groups come early to get a round, get their board set up, and settle into a tasting of the different batches, with an explanation of the flavor profile of each.

We provide clipboards for tasting notes.  At the end of the night our guests are invited to buy a bottle of their own design.  If you like the smoothness of Batch 6, but the fruity finish of Batch 8, we can fill a bottle that is a 50/50 for you.  

We provide you with a label and a sharpie--and you can label it up yourself!

Bespoke Spirits.  Made for you.  Your taste.  Your preference.  Your whiskey.

The Experience



Book your Whiskey Tasting

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