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Shopkeeper’s Dilemma

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

We don’t normally sell a lot of stuff on Sunday mornings. Mostly because we are not open.

But today my daughter Jessalyn was visiting from the D.C. area and she needed a gift crate as a “Thank you” present. 

While she was shopping and “building her crate”–a chardonnay from Laurel Gray, some fudge from Angelina’s Kitchen–that sort of thing, I was left at the bar with my grand daughter Margot.

Not a problem.  Margot was studying the 2018 Chatham Studio Tour Brochure. I was tidying up, trying to get the tasting room ready for Gloria’s afternoon shift.  I’m happy to open up the Tasting Room any time I can find the key.

I have to admit.  I’m not used to having 2 year olds at the bar.  What exactly do you pour for her to taste?  Easy.  Benjamin Vineyards Scuppernong grape juice…

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