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Our Tasting Room has dozens of brands of gourmet food products—from jams and jellies to beef jerky to peanuts to elderflower syrup.  We also handle a wide selection of locally made bitters, shrubs, mixers and ingredients. Some of our customers come for the mustard, stay for a beer, and leave with the brandy.  Feel free to pick up a salami chub, some cheese, and some locally made crackers—find a place on our campus and have a picnic.

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Contact Lyle at or (919) 200-5549


220 Lorax Lane in Pittsboro, NC


 919 548 6884

Tasting Room Hours:


Monday 5 - 8 pm
Wednesday 4 - 8 pm

Thursday 4 – 8 pm
Friday 12– 8 pm
Saturday 12 – 8 pm
Sunday 12 – 6 pm



Saturday 3 pm

Sunday 1:30 pm

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