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Persimmon Palooza

Persimmons are unforgiving. Pick them too soon and you with pucker up with a nasty astringent taste experience. Get them too late and they have turned to goo.

Photo by Trace Ramsey

Eat them at the right time and they are the food of the Gods.

That’s probably why Stuart wanted to throw “Persimmon Palooza.” We are going to do it this Sunday afternoon at the Tasting Room around 3:00.

Full Steam Brewery is about to release it’s First Frost persimmon beer. We’ll have a keg of it on tap. Crude Bitters has created a persimmon-apple product. We have that on the shelf. It looks like we’ll have some native, and some Asian persimmons arriving.

And we are going to take a run at serving up some persimmon pudding that calls for Apple Brandy. We just bottled up Batch 8 of Fair Game Apple Brandy.

Despite all that is going on, we know Stuart is right. The persimmons are on right now, and it is time to celebrate this unusual local fruit…

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