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Fair Shake

This recipe, from our friend Michael Maller at Vin Rouge in Durham, is a perfect example of a great way to use our No’Lasses – the creaminess from the rum lends itself to the acid from the lemonade and tartness from the cranberries, plus the sparkling wine turns this from a heavy-hitter to an easy sipper.

Servings 1 serving

Prep Time 2 minutes


1 oz Fair Game No'Lasses

1 oz apple jack or Fair Game Apple Brandy

1 oz cranberry syrup

1 bar spoon fresh lemonade

1 dash Bitterman's Mole Bitters

Instructions Shake all ingredients in a mixing glass. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice.Add a splash of sparkling wine. Express orange peel over drink and discard. Top with a few cranberries.

Recipe Notes

To express an orange peel is to simply squeeze it over your drink, releasing fresh orange oil into your cocktail.

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