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Flying Pepper Gimlet

Our friend Kay Jordan concocted this peppery riff on the classic Vodka cocktail.  This is a great one to batch out and serve at a party.

Servings 1 serving

Prep Time 20 minutes


2 ounces Flying Pepper Tobago Vodka

2 ounces Cucumber Juice juiced or pureed and strained (check recipe below)

.5 ounces Blanc Vermouth Dolin preferred

.5 ounces lime juice

.5 ounce Black Peppercorn Simple Syrup see recipe below

2 drops Chili Oil floated on top, find at asian markets


Combine Ice, Vodka, Cucumber Juice, Vermouth, Lime Juice and Peppercorn Simple Syrup in Shaker Shake vigorously until well chilled. Strain into Coupe Glass Float drops of Chili Oil on top

Peppercorn Simple Syrup

peppercorn simple syrup: 1/2 cup black peppercorns 1 cup water 1 cup pure cane sugar wrap peppercorns in a dish towel and slightly crush with a mallet to release flavor. bring all ingredients to a boil, reduce to simmer uncovered for 20 minutes, take off of heat and let stand for 4 hrs up to overnight. fine strain.

Cucumber Juice

If you have a vegetable juicer, simply wash and peel cucumbers, then juice You can also use a blender, then strain the pulp. 1. Wash and peel Cucumbers 2. Cut into chunks 3. Add to blender, add a small amount of water to ease blending 4. Blend on high for 60 seconds or until frothy 5. Line sieve with cheesecloth, strain into bowl

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