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Gift Crates and Baskets and Such


Some folks tap Fair Game when they need a gift that is different.  We are happy to share recipes, pair products, and assemble collections of the stuff we sell anytime you need to give a present to someone.  In the fall our Tasting Room can be littered with packaging materials from big corporate orders that we build.  And around Valentine's Day, you can frequently see men bumping around the place asking for help--sometimes in abject terror.  Any time you need a gift, we are happy to help...



Sometimes customers ask us to brand their logo onto a gift crate.  Or they have us add a book or a card that they provide.  We can be pretty custom when it comes to this stuff.  Sometimes we make our own artwork. 

Chocolate and bottles can be hard to ship, so sometimes we load up the car and deliver gift orders ourselves. We sometimes use shredded office paper as packaging material.  We like to say our stuff is packed in the secrets of Pittsboro. Liquor laws don't allow us to ship our spirits, but that doesn't stop us from playing around on the edge of the gift giving business...

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