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Fortified Wines & Spirits
  • Tipper Scuppernong

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    The tents have gone up, the games are all rigged, and the rides are ready to whirl. Soon folks will be telling stories of the blue ribbon pies, prize heifers, dances danced, and kisses stolen up top the ferris wheel.

    Our Tipper Scuppernong Cordial features Haw River Valley Scuppernong Grapes, the fruit of the Old North State and the first to be cultivated in the United States. 17% ABV

  • Two Step

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    The crowd gathers as the paper lanterns glow inside. Four musicians are tuning up and the young men are hoping for a dance with the ladies at the other side of the dance tent. The night kicks off as the fiddle player calls out the tune and the band begins to play.

    A blend of Haw River Valley Seyval Blanc, Chardonnay, and imported Palomino wines. Our Spanish style aperitif wine is sure to be a hit, it's a dry white finished in oak bourbon barrels. Two Step features honeysuckle and floral notes. Goes great before a meal or a dance.‚Äč 18% ABV

  • Ferris

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    Each year just around the harvest you'll see the trucks rolling into town, churning up dust and loaded down with the tents and the rides. The whole town knows when the work is done it's time to get dressed up and head out for a night at the fair.

    A blend of Haw River Valley Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin and Norton with a touch of imported Toriga grapes. Our Port Style Red Wine has aromas of plum, cherries and cinammon, finished in oak bourbon barrels, it's great after dinner or anytime. 18% ABV

  • Tipper Apple

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    The tents have gone up, the games are all rigged, and the rides are ready to whirl. Soon folks will be telling stories of the blue ribbon pies, prize heifers, dances danced, and kisses stolen up top the ferris wheel.

    Tipper Apple Wine is an off dry cider based wine finished in oak bourbon barrels with ripe red apple and caramel notes. Goes great after a meal, or anytime with soda water and a splash of bitters. 18% ABV

  • Our Process

    At the heart of our wines and spirits are the fruits, grains and juices and the people who grow them. We work hard to source high quality fruits, grains and juices directly from North Carolina and southeastern growers. In fact, nearly all of our Grape wines and Sweet Sorghum are grown and harvested by Andy and Chris, and our grains are grown and malted right here in the Piedmont. We study the old hand crafted methods of Portugal, Italy and Cognac, France to bring world class wine and spirits to Chatham County, North Carolina. Click below to follow us through our process.
  • Fortifying Wines

    To fortify a wine means to add a brandy spirit to a wine to raise the alcohol content. Fortification is done for several reasons; to enhance flavor, stop a fermentation, or prolong the shelf life of a wine. Port, Sherry and Vermouth are the best known styles of fortified wine, though the terms Port and Sherry are protective designations of use that have not been allowed on US wine labels since 2006. At Fair Game we distill our neutral brandy five times to above 80% alcohol for fortifying our wines.
  • Harvesting the grapes

    Our base grape wines come primarily from our partner Benjamin Vineyards, a winery and vineyard located in the Haw River Valley AVA. For our apple and peach wines we source fruit from Western North Carolina, as well as from Sandhills and Piedmont producers.
  • Pressing

    The grapes are harvested from August to October and pressed at Benjamin Vineyards.
  • Fermenting & Distilling

    Back at the distillery we distill a Scuppernong Wine five times till the hearts of the run is up to at least 80% alcohol by volume. This neutral brandy is added directly to the wine either during fermentation or just after depending on which wine we are making.
  • Into the Oak Barrels

    We age our Ferris Red, Two Step White and Tipper Apple Wine in oak cooperage that was once used for aging bourbon. As time goes on we plan to age some of our wines in the traditional Solera method.
  • Imbibe

    Once bottled, we offer these wines for your enjoyment. Check out the Imbibe page, or drop by the distillery for tips on how to best enjoy our wines.
  • Raising Spirits

    At Fair Game Beverage we craft our spirits in an Alembic copper pot still using classic fermentation and slow distillation methods to create richly flavored yet delicate spirits true to their origin. Here we'll walk you through the steps taken to produce our Sorghum Cane Spirit, or Sorghum Rhum as we like to call it.
  • Sorghum Harvest

    Chris has been raising cane since 2009 with Okfuskee Farm in Silk Hope, NC. Sweet Sorghum is a sturdy plant that can grow up to 16 feet tall and is in the Poaceae family, home to other grasses including Sugarcane. We plant in early to mid Spring, and our cane is ready to harvest well before the first frost.
  • Through the Roller Mill...

    Chris and Bobby purchased an antique, working, three roller cane mill capable of pressing up to 100 gallons of juice per hour from the cane. The fresh squeezed juice is taken promptly to Fair Game for fermentation. Okfuskee Farm takes the pressed cane and uses the valuable organic matter on their farm. This method of fermenting fresh juice comes from the Agricole tradition of Martinique.
  • Off to the Still...

    Back at the distillery we combine Sorghum Syrup with the fresh juice to enhance the flavor, fermenting the wort to around 11% alcohol, then send it to our Alembic still for a double distillation process. The resulting spirits come off the still around 130 proof and ready for barrel aging.
  • Aging in Oak Barrels

    Our Sorghum Cane Spirit is aged in a mix of used bourbon and new American Oak cooperage prior to bottling.



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