Carolina Classic

Featured at The Cardinal in Boone, Chris Verapapa and Scott Williford created this springtime sipper for us.  Crisp, slightly sweet, aromatic, and featuring the uniquely NC flavor of the scuppernong grape, this one lives up to its name!

Servings 1 serving

Prep Time 2 minutes

Ingredients 1 oz gin

1 oz Fair Game Scuppernong Tipper

1/2 oz St. Germaine

fresh thyme

citrus peel

Instructions Muddle thyme and citrus peel.

Add remaining ingredients and shake with ice. Strain and serve over ice in an old-fashioned glass.

Recipe Notes

Keep this cocktail in Carolina by using a gin from a NC distillery, such as Cardinal Gin, Conniption, or Sutler's Spirits.

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